Build & protect

Assess your risk, identify weaknesses and rapidly establish controls that are appropriately sized for your business.

Rapidly Reduce Risk

Our Build & Protect team rapidly performs audits or cyber maturity assessments, establishes risk remediation plans and then quickly gets on with making tangible changes to your infrastructure that reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber attack.
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We help clients navigate complex cyber security roadmaps and strategies

Cyber Strategy & Roadmap

Understand what direction your business needs to head in, what should be prioritised and importantly, de-prioritised. Establish a baseline current state, a desired target state and a roadmap that achieves your goals.


  • Discover your current cyber maturity
  • Desired target state agreed with executive
  • Cyber roadmap that prioritises activities
  • Plan that achieves maximum risk reduction in shortest time
  • Executive reporting tracking your return on investment 
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Cyber Risk Assesment

Forget long drawn out audits - our assessments rapidly evaluate your cyber risks so that we can move quickly to making decisions on what needs to be fixed and by when. We help you understand your vulnerabilities and enable you to prioritise against competing business objectives.


  • Understand the extent of your digital risk
  • Practical steps that will reduce your risk
  • Discover which activities drive the most risk reduction
  • Identify areas which garner greatest return on your budget
  • Learn how to group remedial activities for fastest reduction in risk
Cyber security project managers

Cyber Security Project Management

Alleviate the time pressures from your teams and enable them to get back to their day jobs! Our expert cyber security project managers will be responsible to gaining traction for remedial work and driving risk down across your business.


  • Tangible progress on risk remediation
  • Regular reporting on status
  • Issues escalated quickly and tracked to resolution
  • Measure value for the executive of work performed
  • Establish a cyber security ‘heart beat’ within your business
Magnifying glass detecting vulnerabilities as part of a cyber audit

Cyber Security Audit

Our comprehensive audits provide a deep dive into your security systems to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Utilising the latest tools and methodologies, we thoroughly test your controls to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.


  • Detailed insights into your current security posture
  • Identification of compliance gaps and recommendations for alignment
  • Strategic advice tailored to your business context
  • Actionable report that guides budget decision making
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Cyber Essentials 

Achieve recognised compliance with the Cyber Essentials Plus certification and then use it to drive business growth. Our guided process ensures you meet the stringent requirements necessary whilst also knowing how to best utilise it to exploit its commercial advantages.


  • Attain industry-standard certification
  • Boost customer and stakeholder confidence
  • Reduce cyber and business insurance premiums
  • Target larger prospective clients
  • Speed up the process of responding to supplier due diligence questionnaires
A speaker phone with a padlock, firewall, shield and password coming out denoting cyber awareness training

Cyber Awareness Training

Equip your team with the knowledge to identify and prevent cyber threats through a myriad of communication channels. Our experts deliver new joiner training, interactive simulations and design eye-catching posters/screensavers that foster a proactive security culture across your organisation.


  • Improved protection from human based attack methods
  • More receptive and engaged staff and executive
  • Reduced risk of security breaches from human error
  • Improved compliance with data protection and industry regulation
A server suffering from a cyber attack and so it is failing over to its live back-up

IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Become resilient to cyber attacks and sleep better at night. We provide comprehensive resiliency strategies tailored to your specific technologies that ensure rapid recovery and continuity of operations in the event of a successful cyber attack.


  • Zero downtime in disaster scenarios
  • Detailed and clear recovery steps tailored to your infrastructure
  • Regularly tested plans to ensure they operate under duress
  • Employees aware and rehearsed in their responsibilities
  • Build confidence with the executive
Laptop with a siren above it, exclamation mark on-screen and a virus coming out of it

Cyber Incident Response

Respond to cyber incidents with speed and confidence. Our qualified and experienced team of incident responders runs your incidents for you, minimising business impacts and restoring operations with precision. We ensure you are prepared to handle incidents when they inevitably occur.


  • Rapid containment of security and privacy incidents
  • Detailed forensic investigation to establish root causes
  • Restoration of services with minimal business disruption
  • Circulation of lessons learnt to ensure defences are strengthened post-incident
  • Comprehensive report and debrief for continuous improvement
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