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We take care of cyber security for high-growth companies, at every stage of their journey.

“Give SMB leadership teams peace of mind and enable you to win increasingly bigger clients.“

Rob McBride

Rob is a Founding Partner at CyPro, a highly experienced information security and data privacy professional, and he has been working as CISO at FreshWave for the past year.

After a successful career at Deloitte, Rob established CyPro with the goal of providing clients with industry expert teams capable of delivering rapid, tangible and sustainable risk reduction.

Over the past 18 years, Rob has successfully helped a wide range of businesses, including high-growth SMEs, obtain security certifications and reduce their overall cyber security risk.

Jonny Pelter

Jonny is a Founding Partner at CyPro and executive group level CISO who has worked closely with the British intelligence agencies NCSC and GCHQ.

Originating from KPMG and Deloitte, Jonny has a wealth of experience across numerous sectors including technology, critical national infrastructure, financial services, oil & gas, insurance, betting, pharmaceuticals and utilities.

Jonny is a leading cyber security expert in the UK, having featured on national media for his professional commentary such as BBC News, iPlayer, Telegraph and Times Radio.

Our History


SMBs Increasingly Targeted

Nearly three quarters of all cyber attacks globally are now targeting small to medium sized businesses, with 60% of victims going out of business within six months.

Criminals are pivoting to SMBs as they take less effort to attack, impacts are higher and they don’t draw attention from the media or law enforcement.

Different Approach Needed

Defending against these attacks is uniquely challenging for smaller organisations due to a lack of bandwidth, skills and resources. The existing cyber security market tried to apply enterprise level security to SMBs which results in consultants deliverables becoming ‘shelf ware’ and a lot of wasted client budget.

A different approach to security was required….

CyPro Was Born

Enter CyPro – born to address this need in the SMB market.

We enable high-growth companies to rapidly reduce their cyber risk by crafting security capabilities that are perfect for your current size and ready to scale effortlessly in line with your future growth.


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