We are CyPro

Experts in your Cyber Security

At CyPro, we believe there is a better approach to cyber security.  One that is calm and methodical, not fearful and chaotic.  We ignore the fearmongering that surrounds our industry and instead remain focussed on your specific cyber threats.

With the right threats in view, we ensure you implement the most appropriate cyber security solutions for your business.  Solutions that are targeted, affordable and reduce your threat exposure to acceptable levels.

Clients who follow our structured approach remain confident in the security of their digital assets, enabling them to focus their efforts and budget on growing their businesses.

Our Founding & Mission

CyPro was founded in 2018 by a group of determined cyber security professionals, who are collectively on a mission to:

1. Consistently provide our clients with the world’s leading cyber security professionals.

2. Ensure our clients focus their cyber security budgets on tangible solutions that provide long-term risk reduction.

3. Build trusted partnerships with our clients and share the knowledge & skills to enable them to develop in-house expertise.

CyPro is headquartered in London’s Canary Wharf, but we continue to grow as new professionals continue to join us throughout the world.

Our People

We hire cyber security consultants from a wide range of backgrounds, with a diverse set of skills, but they have one thing in common – they are all leaders in their field.

This is what enables us to consistently provide our clients with teams who deliver value from day one and bring a wide range of ideas and expert knowledge to the table.

When it comes to communication, our consultants won’t just tell you what they think you want to hear.  We are always open and honest, and this has been a key value for our business from day one.

Driven by Results

Whilst we love a good infographic, we measure the success of our work by the results delivered to your organisation, rather than a glossy presentation.

We are obsessive about establishing straightforward reporting systems that clearly inform you of the real level of cyber risk within your business.

With the right reporting in place, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your security controls and make informed decisions on where to invest your cyber security budget.

Always Iterating

Cyber Security has no finish line, and the way we work reflects this.

When implementing a cyber security solution, we typically start small and simple, then continue to enhance until initial requirements are fully met.

Each iteration is based upon real performance data, and we don’t stop there.  Following delivery of the initial solution, we ensure continuous monitoring is in place to identify on-going improvements that can be made.

Embracing Technology

We are passionate about using new and emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.   Adopting such technologies is often critical for organisations to remain competitive within their industry.

New technologies inevitably introduce new threats, but these threats should rarely be considered as blockers.

We help our clients understand and quantify the real risk of implementing new technologies within their businesses.  If a decision is then made to implement, we put the right controls in place to manage the risks to acceptable levels.

Our Vision

We envisage a world where organisations remain confident about the security of their data and the ongoing operations of their business.

We strive for a world where organisations have the tools and knowledge to intelligently identify vulnerabilities in their systems before “the hackers” do.

We are focussed on building a world-leading team of cyber security professionals who can deliver our vision for our clients with passion and consistency.