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Reliably reducing cyber risk.

We are trusted by forward-thinking companies,
to deliver the solutions they need to minimise their exposure to cyber attacks.


The most valuable consultancy firms consistently deliver expert skills and knowledge.

We are a collaboration of cyber security experts, all with notable experience, all bringing value to our clients from day one.


Generic advice and solutions are of limited value to any organisation.

We focus on the specific threats faced by each of our clients – enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that provide maximum risk reduction.


Tactical “sticky plaster” solutions only cut it for so long.

We help organisations implement tangible cyber security solutions that bring about real and sustainable risk reduction.

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How might we help?

A selection of the services we deliver for our clients.

Cyber Risk Management
Are you focussed on the right threats?

We can perform a detailed assessment to identify your most significant cyber risks, allowing you to commit resources to the greatest effect.

Identity & Access
Who has access to your crown jewels?

We can deliver the processes and technologies required to centrally manage control to your critical assets.

Is your website open to attack?

Our expert penetration testers can quickly analyse your web applications for vulnerabilities and advise on how to fix them fast.

Cyber Awareness Training
Is your e-learning really having an impact?

We provide face-to-face training that’s not just a glitzy PowerPoint. Our sessions are informative, interactive and leave our clients coming back for more.

Project Delivery
Are your security projects delivered on-time?

We offer technical project managers who understand the complexities of delivering cyber security solutions, and the right ways to overcome them.

Cyber Strategy
Are you ready for tomorrow’s threats?

With data migrating to the cloud and mobile devices multiplying, we help our clients develop forward-thinking strategies that take account of new and prevailing security threats.


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“The impact was immediate and significant.
The project was quickly turned around, focused, engaged and delivery was on-track“

Alistair Thorne, Director – UBS

“Able to apply a pragmatic approach to the prioritisation of key pieces of security work and aid in my area moving into a securer state.“

Head of Futures IT – HSBC

“Always having the team’s best interest at hand and driven to succeed at any goal set.“

Programme Manager – Deutsche Bank

“Focussed on the objectives, prioritised the tasks necessary and got all the different teams together under a common goal.”

Manager, UBS

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