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Cyber Attacks Are Changing…

Nearly three quarters of cyber attacks are now strategically targeting SMBs as they’re easier targets, garner higher impacts and don’t draw attention from the media or law enforcement.


more likely for SMBs to be attacked than enterprises.

(IBM X-Force Threat Intel Index, 2022)


million (GBP) is the average cost of a data breach.

(Ponemon Institute Study, 2021)


of SMBs go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.

(Verizon Data Breach Report, 2022)

Every UK virtual CISO needs a cyber incident response plan to help recover from cyber attacks.

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Fast-Growing Businesses Have Unique Challenges

CxO’s in rapidly growing businesses don’t have the capacity to assess, design, implement and maintain cyber security solutions.

SMBs often don’t have the specialists or technical subject matter experts in-house to resolve cyber security problems.

Without access to cyber security experts, it’s challenging to know which strategic direction is best for your business.

Enterprises use multi-million pound budgets to fix their security. SMBs need to be smarter with their cash.

We Do It For You.

We specialise in enabling high-growth companies to rapidly reduce cyber risk.

We do this by crafting security capabilities that are perfect for your current size and ready to scale effortlessly in line with your future growth.

Reclaim Your Team’s Capacity

You don’t have the time or technical expertise to implement and maintain security solutions.

We do it for you.

Discover What Needs to be Done

Understand the fastest route to maximum risk reduction for your business.

Understand your biggest risks quickly so you can then focus on implementing protection.

Implement Proportionate Security

Don’t pay for controls you don’t need.

We provide clarity on how much security is required at different stages of your growth.

Access Experts on Demand

We only hire highly experienced senior cyber security experts, with highly relevant experience, all bringing value to our clients from day one.

Attain Peace of Mind

A comprehensive service combined with professional reporting that keeps your executive, investors, clients and employees well-informed and reassured.

Use Compliance to Your Advantage

Use your regulatory obligations to meet client due diligence requirements, helping you generate more business.

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Security That Scales With You.

We deliver three offerings that help our clients scale, securely.

Build & Protect
Initially, our Build & Protect team rapidly establish security controls that are appropriately sized for a scaling/growing business.

Run & Sustain
Then, our Run & Sustain team gives ongoing peace of mind via a scalable and complete cyber security managed service (Cyber-as-a-Service).

Talent & Transition
Finally, our Talent & Transition team will find exceptional people when the time comes to build your own in-house security function.


Delivering Value For


“CyPro rapidly enhanced our cyber security posture, helping us to reduce risk and confidently meet the security requirements of our customers. What sets them apart is their approach, embodying an astute blend of professionalism and pragmatism, always acknowledging our imperative for agility and adaptability“

Ian Leadbetter (Director) – Ruler Analytics

“From the early days, Cypro has played a key role in strengthening our cybersecurity. They’ve tailored their program to offer exceptional value as we’ve grown more sophisticated, adapting seamlessly to align with our size and resources. Today, Cypro continues to provide enormous value. We are proud of our partnership with them!“

Scott Switzer (CTO) – Ozone

“Cypro’s analysis and clear explanation of the cyber risks allowed us to both understand and act on the issues. They supported our InfoSec capability as it moved from start-up to greater maturity with advice that was proportionate and professional. Our security posture has been greatly enhanced with Cypro’s support.”

James Leaton Gray (DPO) – The Privacy Practice

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