UK Virtual CISO

With a Virtual CISO (vCISO), you get expert cyber security leadership for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CISO.

Elevate your security, accelerate your growth.

A UK Virtual CISO (vCISO) not only ensures regulatory compliance, technical assurance and response to cyber incidents, but through innovative risk management, they also provide a competitive advantage.

With internal CISOs being prohibitively costly for many businesses, CyPro’s UK Virtual CISO (vCISO) service provides an alternative option – a highly experienced UK-based vCISO, who is available on demand.

Expert Advice

On-demand, independent and expert advice on complex information security issues, e.g. how to respond to a major vulnerability such as Log4j.

Incident Management

Advanced preparation and access to experienced cyber security leadership in the event of a major cyber security incident, such as a ransomware attack.

Strategy & Governance

Regular, clear and concise board updates on cyber security, enabling informed decisions to be made relating to cyber security risk and strategy.

Regulatory Compliance

Expert support for responding to 3rd party security audits and regulatory compliance assessments.

Security Enhancements

Development of a cyber security roadmap with a tailored and achievable path to enhance cyber security maturity and reduce risk.

Security Awareness

Innovative training, communications and exercises to raise cyber security awareness amongst staff and third parties.

Every UK virtual CISO needs a cyber incident response plan to help recover from cyber attacks.

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Benefits of Our Virtual CISO Service

Our UK vCISO service is tailored to your business, whilst costing a fraction of the price of a full-time resource.

The coverage of our vCISO service can be increased or decreased over time to meet your changing business requirements.

By hiring a third party to oversee information security, you avoid the risk of decisions and advice being internally biased.

Our dynamic vCISOs will quickly find ways to provide meaningful changes to reduce information security risk.


Delivering Value For

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“CyPro rapidly enhanced our cyber security posture, helping us to reduce risk and confidently meet the security requirements of our customers. What sets them apart is their approach, embodying an astute blend of professionalism and pragmatism, always acknowledging our imperative for agility and adaptability“

Ian Leadbetter (Director) – Ruler Analytics

“From the early days, Cypro has played a key role in strengthening our cybersecurity. They’ve tailored their program to offer exceptional value as we’ve grown more sophisticated, adapting seamlessly to align with our size and resources. Today, Cypro continues to provide enormous value. We are proud of our partnership with them!“

Scott Switzer (CTO) – Ozone

“Cypro’s analysis and clear explanation of the cyber risks allowed us to both understand and act on the issues. They supported our InfoSec capability as it moved from start-up to greater maturity with advice that was proportionate and professional. Our security posture has been greatly enhanced with Cypro’s support.”

James Leaton Gray (DPO) – The Privacy Practice

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Schedule a free chat with Jonny, our Consulting Practice Lead and highly experienced UK Virtual CISO.

Jonny Pelter


Jonny Pelter remains one of the UK's leading virtual CISOs (vCISO).

Jonny Pelter a highly experienced UK virtual CISO.

Jonny is an exec level CISO with ties to the British intelligence agencies NCSC and GCHQ. Originating from KPMG and Deloitte, Jonny is a leading cyber security expert in the UK, having featured on national media for his professional commentary (BBC News, Telegraph, Times Radio, etc.).

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What can I expect from a vCISO?
    • Am I assigned a dedicated vCISO?
    • Is it possible to have a CISO based on-site?
    • How much does a vCISO cost?
    • Do I legally require a vCISO?
    What can I expect from a vCISO?

    As a minimum, you can expect the same level of service as you would get from a traditional in-house CISO.  Amongst other things, a vCISO will provide strategic guidance, drive security operations and oversee critical regulatory compliance activities.

    Am I assigned a dedicated vCISO?

    Yes.  Unlike many of our competitors, we assign a dedicated vCISO who will get to know the ins and outs of your organisation.

    Is it possible to have a CISO based on-site?

    Absolutely.  Typically, our “Virtual CISOs” spend on average 1 day per month on-site with each client, but we can tailor our virtual/physical presence to your specific needs.

    How much does a vCISO cost?

    It depends upon the size and complexity of your organisation and level of coverage you want us to have.  However, CyPro’s vCISO service typically costs £1,500-£5,000 per month – considerably less than the cost of employing a fulltime in-house CISO.

    Do I legally require a vCISO?

    Whilst it’s not yet a legal requirement, most companies are now realising the benefits of having a skilled executive for making information security decisions and raising awareness.